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Custom GPTs: The Game-Changer in Digital Marketing

Experience a new horizon in digital marketing with MarketMover, now enhanced with Private Label Rights options!

Whether you're just beginning or expanding your reach, MarketMover opens doors to unparalleled success.

It's not just a toolkit; it's a revolution, complete with custom GPTs that transform strategies from ordinary to extraordinary.

Embark on your transformative journey with MarketMover AI Toolkit, supercharged by ChatGPT-4, and explore the added advantage of Private Label Rights - a unique opportunity to own and redefine the tools for your brand.


Experience Power and Simplicity with Our 12 Custom GPTs

Turn Ideas into Impact: Our Custom GPTs Make Digital Product Creation Easy and Fast

  • ​Brand Strategy Guide: Creates for your brand: Mission-Vision-Values, Customer Personas, Pain Points, Potential Product Offerings, Brand Tone & Voice, Potential Hooks, & Elevator Pitch
  • Niche Navigator: Niche Navigator mentors users in choosing profitable digital niches, offering tailored product ideas and confidential, data-driven advice.
  • Product Brainstorm – Powerful tool that aids digital marketers in generating & refining innovative, budget-friendly digital product ideas within a niche.
  • E-Book Creator – A very powerful GPT adept in creating custom e-books. Offers unique and personalized outlines and in-depth content creation with multiple customizations.
  • ​E-Course Creator - E-Course Creator assists in developing educational courses, emphasizing inclusivity and detailed content creation with user-friendly, research-supported guidance.
  • ​Newsletter Creator – Specializing in rapidly creating engaging, well-researched newsletter outlines and essays on any given Main Topic, and any number of associated Sub-Topics.
  • Email Campaign Creator Expert GPT in crafting personalized, expert copywriting inspired email campaigns with engaging content and strategic delivery times.
  • Landing Page Copy Generator – Generates SEO and emotionally engaging landing page copy, using business insights, design preferences, and industry-specific tactics.
  • Video Sales Letter Generator – Custom GPT for crafting 10-minute video sales letters, incorporating user-provided or suggested content, with a structured, persuasive approach.
  • Blog Post Creator – Researches popular questions, writes 750-word SEO-optimized, engaging blog content with anchored links, and includes DALL-E 3 images.
  • Thumbnail Creator – Expert in crafting custom, vibrant thumbnails for social media, emphasizing style, bold text, and engaging elements from user ideas.
  • ​Social Media Content Calendar – Create personalized social media content calendars, aligning content with brand goals and audience, offering SEO and DALL-E 3 support.

Unlock your digital potential with MarketMover's 12 Custom GPTseach one a key to effortless success. From crafting precise SEO content to generating eye-catching thumbnails, our tools are designed for both the novice and the expert. Streamline your workflow, enhance your creative output, and watch your engagement soar.

With MarketMover, you're not just keeping up with the digital marketing world; you're leading it. Take the next step in your marketing evolution with a click.


Your Pathway to Digital  Marketing Mastery


Dive into the digital landscape with ease. Our Custom GPTs simplify complex tasks, enabling you to launch comprehensive marketing campaigns swiftly. With MarketMover, efficiency is at your fingertips.

Unlock synergy between creativity and conversion. Our tools are designed to amplify your online presence and engage your target audience effectively, all with minimal effort. Embrace the future of marketing with MarketMover.

Choose Your MarketMover Package

Select the toolkit that matches your marketing ambitions.

**Custom GPT Use Requires ChatGPT Plus Subscription From OpenAI

Standard Package


Unleash the potential of AI with our suite of 12 Custom GPTs, designed for digital and affiliate marketers. This package includes:

  • Access to all 12 Custom GPTs: E-Book Creator, E-Course Creator, E-Mail Campaign Creator, Newsletter Generator and so much more.
  • User friendly interfaces & guided workflows for effortless marketing
  • Continuous updates & support ensuring you stay ahead in the dynamic world of digital marketing

Private Label Rights Package


Elevate your business with our amazing Private Label Rights (PLR) offering. You get all the benefits of the Standard Package, plus Private Label Rights:  

  • Resell our Custom GPTs as your own product, offering an instant, high-value addition to your business and marketing portfolio.
  • Receive comprehensive behind-the-scenes guidance to rebrand and customize the GPTs, making them uniquely yours.
  • Gain an edge in the market by offering a unique, AI-driven product, tailored to your brand and audience.

Why Choose the PLR Package?

Choosing the PLR Package is more than an investment in a tool; it's an investment in your brand's future. With the ability to resell and customize, you open new revenue streams and establish yourself as a provider of cutting-edge digital marketing solutions. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a digital marketing agency, or a business coach, the PLR Package empowers you to add substantial value to your services and stand out in the market.

Success Stories from MarketMover Users

Our customers are reaching new heights in digital marketing. Here’s what they have to say:

MarketMover's Thumbnail Creator was a game-changer for my YouTube channel. My click-through rate has doubled, and creating captivating thumbnails is now the easiest part of my workflow. This toolkit is a must-have for content creators!

Jamie T.
Content Creator

As a digital marketing consultant, time is my most valuable asset. The Niche Navigator and SEO Blog Post Creator have saved me countless hours. My clients are thrilled with the results, and I'm seen as a hero. MarketMover is truly a partner in my success.

Alex R.
Digital Marketing Consultant

I was overwhelmed with the idea of creating an e-course until I found MarketMover. The E-Course Creator helped me to structure my content and present it in a way that resonates. I launched my first course last month faster than ever before.

Samantha K.
Entrepreneur and Educator

You got questions? We have answers.

Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions

What is a custom GPT, and how does it simplify digital marketing?

A custom GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a type of advanced AI specifically tailored to perform distinct tasks within digital marketing. With our custom GPTs, you don't need to worry about learning complex prompting techniques. We've designed them to understand your common-sense instructions and deliver powerful results with ease. It makes using ChatGPT stress free. This means you can focus more on creative strategy and less on the technicalities of content creation and campaign management. It’s all about making digital marketing accessible and efficient for everyone.

What does the PLR (Private Label Rights) package include?

The PLR package offers exclusive rights to rebrand and resell our Custom GPTs as your own product. It includes all 12 GPTs, plus comprehensive guidance on customization and branding, enabling you to create a unique offering for your clients or business.

How can I utilize the PLR rights with the MarketMover toolkit?

With PLR rights, you can modify and sell the Custom GPTs under your brand. This allows you to create bespoke solutions for your clients or add a unique product to your business portfolio, providing a new revenue stream.

Are there any additional costs or requirements for using the Custom GPTs or PLR?

There are no hidden costs for using the Custom GPTs. For the PLR package, the only requirement is the initial purchase. Thereafter, you can use, customize, and sell the GPTs without any additional fees.

How does MarketMover AI Toolkit enhance my digital marketing efforts?

MarketMover equips you with a suite of AI-powered tools designed to streamline and optimize each aspect of digital marketing, from content creation to strategy development. It simplifies complex tasks, saving you time and enhancing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Is the MarketMover AI Toolkit suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Whether you're taking your first steps in digital marketing or looking to refine your expert strategy, our toolkit is user-friendly and full of resources to guide you along the way.

Can I upgrade my package later?

Yes, you can start with any package and upgrade as your needs grow. Our flexible options are designed to grow with your business.

What if I'm not satisfied with my purchase?

We stand behind our product with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, we'll refund your purchase

What are the system requirements to use the MarketMover AI Toolkit?

To utilize the full capabilities of the MarketMover AI Toolkit, you will need a subscription to ChatGPT Plus. Our custom GPTs are designed to work seamlessly with this enhanced version, which provides the necessary speed and capacity to power the advanced features of our tools. The free version of ChatGPT does not support the custom functionalities we offer. Besides the subscription, you just need a device with internet access and a modern web browser to start transforming your digital marketing strategies. You can sign up at OpenAI's website.

At MarketMover AI Toolkit, we stand behind the transformative power and ease of our custom GPTs. We encourage you to immerse yourself in the tools and experience the game-changing impact they can have on your digital marketing endeavors. We are committed to your satisfaction and confident in the value our toolkit provides.

Here's our commitment to you: If, within 30 days of your purchase, you find that MarketMover AI Toolkit doesn't meet your expectations, simply contact our support team. Explain what aspects didn't meet your needs, and we will issue a full refund. No complications, no questions asked.

We ask only that you engage with the toolkit sincerely. We're proud of the capabilities of our custom GPTs and ask that you integrate them into your marketing strategies, explore their features, and leverage their power. If you still decide it's not the right fit after giving it a real chance, rest assured, our 30-day money-back guarantee has you covered.

So, take the leap with confidence. Explore the potential of MarketMover AI Toolkit and take control of your digital marketing future, risk-free.